Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mountain View High School Class of 2010

I totally forgot to mention this in my list of events from the past couple of months!

My brother Alan graduated from High School a week after I graduated hygiene school.

I was able to go sit with my family as we beamed with pride for Alan that Thursday. It has been a tough couple of years with Alan and his group of friends and him thinking he can do/doing whatever he wants no matter what anyone else says. Many phone calls home about him not being in class, etc. But he finally made it.

There was no gold tassle that he always swore he would wear simply because I didn't; and it was his quest to be better than me. But he did walk and receive a scholastic diploma from Mountain View High School.

We were all so proud of Alan that night and frankly still are today. He is preparing for his big move to Tucson and into our old house in the next few weeks. He will begin his Freshman year at the University of Arizona in August.

It has been a joy for me to attempt to help Alan along throughout much of his life, not just high school. Many times when he was younger, he would tell our family "Jill's the only one who understands me". I am honored to hold that place in his life. Often times the only one he will talk to about his girlfriend problems. Many times he will tell me things that he would never tell anyone else. I am so grateful for that love and that trust that he has in me as his big sister. Although he can be one of the biggest jerks on earth sometimes, he is my only full brother and I am grateful for the relationship we share.

Many times throughout his high school career he consulted with me about what classes to take, what activities to become involved in, etc. I was always happy to help guide him through and give him my opinion based on my experiences.

And now, as he moves away from home and ventures off to college, it has been the same. I attended his 2 day orientation with him as his "parent" at the beginning of June. I assisted him in registering for classes and jumping through all of the hoops necessary prior to starting college. I guided him and showed him around campus and the student union; pointing out the many important landmarks he would need to remember. In the next few weeks, I will be traveling with my mom back to Tucson to help Alan set up the house, hang his pictures on the wall, buy groceries, find the bank, etc. As trivial as most of these things sound, I am so very grateful for the opportunity to share them with my little brother.

Until his next big accomplishment...

Go Cats!

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