Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dental Hygiene Class of 2010

The day we had been anticipating for 2 long years finally came on Thursday May 20, 2010. Myself, along with about 75% of my class (and about 2000 other graduates) lined up and walked into the Tucson Convention Center to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance.

We were graduating Dental Hygiene School.

What a relief!

It was a very long ceremony, especially when the 2 speakers before the name were read took about 45 minutes on their own. One of them had come from the White House (?) and essentially turned her speech into a political campaign. She even was bold enough to bring up border issues and the new SB1070...at a community college graduation...in a city less than 100 miles from the U.S./Mexico border...

I just went to graduate, not to choose a political party or a side in the great border issue debate.

All in all, I walked across that stage and was so thrilled to have finally completed and accomplished a goal I had been dreaming of for at least 10 years.

Here are a few pictures from the event:

(My bestie from hygiene school Jessica and I)

While it wasn't a huge celebration like my UA graduation was, with only my dad, step mom and hubby attending the ceremony this time, it was still extremely satisfying for me and my classmates. This is what we'd been working toward for 2 very long, arduous years, and we finally made it to the end!

Congrats PCC Class of 2010!

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