Sunday, February 7, 2010

Exciting Times!

There has been many fun and exciting things happening around our house the past few weeks, and there will continue to be more to come throughout the next few months as we wind up our time here in Tucson.

Exciting Thing #1: A couple of weeks ago, I registered and paid for my board exams. As small and insignificant as that is, it actually means so much to me! The fact that I have a date set in stone for my final board exams before I am a registered Dental Hygienist is very exciting to me. All of the non-sense and stress that I have dealt with over the past 18 months of hygiene school will soon all be worth it. When I am able to provide for my family on my own so that my husband will be able to completely focus on school and put all of his effort there without having to worry about keeping the lights on.

May 6th is when I take the written/computer board exam for the ADA here in Tucson. It's a 300 question exam that takes 8 hours.

May 7th-10th is the weekend that I will take my clinical exam in Phoenix. I still don't have an exact date on that weekend yet, but I do know it will be sometime during those 4 days.

Exciting Thing #2: I have 5 weeks until I take my Anesthesia board exam! I go to Phoenix for the written and clinical board on the same day, either March 12 or 13. This is the first weekend of Spring Break and it will be nice to have it over with and hopefully be Anesthesia certified before Spring Break really starts!

Exciting Thing #3
: We found out on Friday that some of our best friends, Wesley & Tiffany Webster are coming to Phoenix again next weekend! We get so excited when they come to Phoenix and always try to do what we can to see them. Next weekend we were planning on going up to the valley to go to the temple on Monday morning anyway. So, it will be fun to maybe go to the temple together and be able to spend some time together. We're not quite sure if we'll even have a Valentines Day really since it will be on Sunday and we'll be driving to Mesa, but we'll see...

The exciting thing about it is that they are moving to Queen Creek or thereabout this summer also! Wes graduates from Dixie State in May and then they will be packing up to move so that he can start his MBA at ASU in the fall. We are very excited to live so close to them and not have to drive to St. George or them drive all the way here just to see each other. The other exciting thing is that their sweet baby boy is due April 4. So it won't just be the 2 of them moving but they'll have a sweet new baby too!

Exciting Thing #4: Dan was readmitted to ASU for this coming fall! We weren't worried about it per se, but were just anxious for it to happen so we would be all set and ready to go for August. Some un-expected changes have come about in his school plans, but interestingly enough we feel good about it instead of being discouraged or upset. It has changed a lot of ideas that we had, but I think that it will end up working better anyway. I'm actually kind of excited about this new change... I'll have to wait to get permission from Dan to share it with everyone, but in the mean time just know that we're excited about it!

Exciting Thing #5: We started working on our kitchen table last week. One night, we took it apart and brought the pieces into the garage to start sanding. I did most of the sanding with my dad's power sander. (It would have taken FOREVER without it) Then yesterday we decided we were going to try to get as close to finishing it as we could. We went to Home Depot and bought stain, paint, brushes, and a little more sand paper. We finished the rest of the sanding, stained the whole thing and painted the first coat of paint on the table top/sides, and 2 of the sides on each leg. It is starting to look really good and will look like a whole new table when we finish. Pictures to come...

There is sure to be many more fun and exciting events to come in the near future so stay tuned!