Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting Ready...

So we were finally able to get Dan's new camera. (Thanks to my brother Alan donating his broken iPod to our cause!) Just in time for our trip to Utah this weekend! The camera came last Thursday, and Sunday afternoon Dan wanted to go around town and play with it to see how all the features work and everything. He loves it and is so excited to use it in Utah to get some awesome shots of the temples there. We'll be seeing a couple more to add to our list and we're ever so excited! It's an awesome camera, and I'm so excited to see what pictures come from it...these are just a few from Sunday...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Change

About 3 weeks ago I went to get my haircut. It was dead and a mess since I hadn't had it cut in almost a year. I came out with what the stylist called a "all one length bob"... Basically my hair was completely all the same length (for the most part) just below my shoulders. I didn't really think much of it, because I was just so happy to have all the dead split ends off. But as a couple of days passed, I decided I wasn't too big a fan of it. I didn't really like the way it fell or anything. It looked cute in a ponytail and that was about it. So, I've been wearing my hair in a ponytail for like 3 weeks now.

This morning I decided I wanted to do something to get it a little more stylish. So I went for the first time to the beauty school here in town, and just asked her to put a couple of layers in it. Nothing major. ... ... ... SHE DESTROYED MY HAIR!!! She cut like another 2 inches off and it was like 20 different lengths. For those of you who have kids that have cut their own hair...mine probably looked about the same. I was so upset. Good thing I only paid $6.

So I called all over, not having a TON of money to get it fixed but being too scared to go to another unknown place. So I made an appointment at Gadabout Salon and Spa. The girl who cut my hair was so sweet and understanding; and she worked with me and what I wanted the best she could with what I had. I decided this was a good chance to try something totally different because keeping what I have always had wasn't going to look all that great with what shape my hair was in. So that's what we did. She wasn't TOO adventurous, but just enough...and...I finally convinced myself to cut bangs! It actually all ended up turning out great! I love my new style and am so happy with how she was able to help me fix my hair disaster! Thanks Kealy!