Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interesting Assignment

For my Psychology of Death & Loss class we had a project that we had to complete.  We weren't given a grade on the project, but we had to do a project to get a grade in the class.  There was no prompt or outline or anything for it.  We were told we could do anything we wanted and that we would have to give a short explanation/presentation to the class about it.  She did at least give us a list of things that students have done in the past.

So for my project, I decided to plan all of my own services.  As if I was going to die tomorrow.  I planned out the program for my funeral, priced out a casket for myself, priced a burial plot in Mesa in the cemetery I want to be buried in.  I priced headstones, and pretty much everything else you can think of that goes with planning the services after a death.  I also put together a short slideshow of something similar to what I would like played at my funeral.  This was my presentation to the class to show kind of what I did.

I originally chose this topic for my project because I thought it would be quick and easy.  While it didn't take too terribly long, it did take longer than expected because you don't really know what all goes into all of that until you start working on it.  Especially when it's for yourself.  When you really start thinking about what you would want if your life were to end tomorrow, it gets pretty in depth and extreme.  It was harder than I was expecting too.  I started talking to Dan about the funeral and what he would want to do and everything and at first he was just saying all these sarcastic things and wasn't really taking it seriously.  But after a little while, we finally started being serious, and it was difficult for both of us to think and talk about.  Which probably isn't surprising to anyone, but you just don't really think about how hard it would be to talk about that kind of thing, because usually you never do.  It was a great growing experience for both of us and for our marriage.  It put everything into perspective again.  It reminded us that even if we have no money, and have the same 7 meals every week over and over, and are both full time students and are stressed out all the time, it's ok because those things aren't what make life worth it.  

The whole thing just made me very grateful for everyday I have here and for the life I have been given.  I am so grateful for my wonderful husband and everything he does for me everyday.  Just the little things he does mean so much more than he knows.  He is such a blessing in my life, I don't know what I would ever do if something happened to him?  I have been so blessed and have been given so many wonderful gifts in my life and I am so grateful for it. 

Just thought I'd share my experience with you all.  Sorry if it's kind of a downer post, it was just an important thing to me. 

Here is a link to the slideshow if anyone wants to watch it. (I've been told it's a tearjerker...)

(Click "Watch in High Quality" under the video for better picture)

Friday, October 3, 2008


Alright everyone, who's ready for Christmas?!

We are doing a fundraiser for school to help us buy toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, etc. for our community events that we go to; so all the money goes back to the community.

So, we're selling 2 different real live evergreen wreaths and a centerpiece. The prices are on the pictures for how much each one is. It is just a flat price, no tax or anything.

If anyone is interested in buying one, they will be delivered the first week in December and I will then deliver them out to you just in time for Christmas!

I can take cash or check. If you want to write a check, make it out to me.

We'll be up this weekend for homecoming and conference, so I'll be around in Mesa this weekend to collect money and orders if you want one.

Thanks so much for helping your community!

(Click on the picture to see it bigger)