Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2nd Ultrasound

We went for a follow up ultrasound today after the one 2 weeks ago showed just the embryonic sac, but no baby. Last time they said that I was most likely just much earlier in the pregnancy than they originally thought. We left a little disappointed though because we were expecting to see our baby and even hear the heartbeat.
So, today we went back to have another ultrasound done to check again and try to get a more accurate date on the pregnancy. She turned the camera on, and I was slightly nervous since I only saw the same thing we saw last time but it was only because of the angle she was at with the camera. She moved it over my stomach to the other side, and sure enough, there was a small little being over in the corner, just hanging out.
It was such an amazing experience to be able to see the tiny person that is growing and living inside my belly. She zoomed in and we could even see the tiny heart beating on the screen! Then she turned on the volume and we hear that little heart beating so incredibly fast! Talk about an amazingly special experience. We just looked at each other in awe that there was really a tiny person in there living, and we were the ones who made it.
The tech said based on the size of the baby now and everything I am 7 weeks and 4 days along. I finally got passed week 6! My new due date based on that is March 19, 2011. We are so excited again and were so happy to hear our baby is alive and doing well. I go back in 4 weeks for my next appointment and will actually be meeting with a doctor this time.
Here is a picture from today of our little one!