Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Ultrasound

Yesterday we went to have our first ultrasound done.

We were expecting to see our little peanut and hear it's heartbeat.
We got in, and first the tech said that because the baby is so small, my uterus was still moving away from the camera. She said to get some better pictures, she'd like to do a vaginal ultrasound.

No biggie.

We did see my uterus...and the small black circle which will turn into the amniotic sac...but that was it. She asked about my periods and whatnot, and then she said that it just looked like I was earlier than they originally thought. She said it looked fine, that everything was developing, but it was just too early still to see the baby. She said from what it looked like on the ultrasound, I was probably more like 5 1/2 - 6 weeks instead of 7 almost 8 weeks which is what they told me last week when I was in.

We then went to talk to the PA who had the results from my blood work. She said everything came back normal. No anemia, no foreign antibodies to attack the baby, no HIV...

In case anyone suspected I might have HIV?

She agreed that I was just a little earlier than they originally thought. She said it's not uncommon that women ovulate later than usual and it was no big deal. I told her it wouldn't surprise me with how thrown off and irregular my periods have been for the past year and a half. She told me to come back in 2 weeks and we will do another ultrasound, and by then we should definitely be able to see the baby and hear the heart beat. Then at the next ultrasound, when we see the baby, they should be able to give me a more accurate due date and gestational age.

So, it wasn't what we were expecting, and I was disappointed, but everything is still ok according to them. I will just look forward to August 4th when I will for sure get to see the little one growing inside of me.


tiffandalex said...

I wasn't able to hear Ben's heartbeat until my 2nd appt at 13 weeks. My first appt was at 9 weeks, so 7 weeks does sound a little early, since even at 9 weeks, he was still so small!

Sessions Family said...

vaginal ultrasound, bleck! At any rate, good to know everything is well with you and baby. :)