Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Next Vacation

Yes, it's true. We have put planning into full swing for our next trip. For my 21st birthday, Danny wants to take me to see The Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas. (I've never seen it, anywhere) Because my birthday is the Monday before thanksgiving, we're planning to go over Veteran's Day weekend.

We would leave Friday night and drive to Mesa to stay the night. Then Saturday morning we would get up and drive to Las Vegas. We will meet our favorite Wesley and Tiffany Webster in Las Vegas and see the Phantom of the Opera. We're still checking into a room at the Stratosphere for that night. Sunday we'd get up and drive to St. George, where we'd stay with the Websters in their new apartment until Tuesday morning. Then we'd get up early Tuesday morning (in an effort to avoid hitting another "Billy" and getting stranded in the middle of no-where at 3 am) and drive back home, all the way to Tucson.

We are very excited and are pushing through all of our school work and everything we have to do so that we can go and enjoy ourselves. We love the Websters so much, and it is definitely our turn to go see them. They have come to AZ to see us twice now since we were last in Utah. We take turns going to visit each other until they move to AZ when they're done with school. Then we'll all rendezvous back in the wonderful Mesa or thereabout after we all finish school.

A lot of the details still need to be worked out, but that is the rough plan as of now. I am very excited and I know Dan is too. He and Wes have so much fun together, and Tiff and I love watching them laugh and joke like only they can.

More to come as we get things lined out a little more...


Benson & Sarah Garner said...

Hey! Is this what Dan was texting Benson about yesterday? Sounds fun!

Wes & Tiff said...

Actually, we've been down there three times, but who's counting?:) We feel privileged to have made your blog. Can't wait to see you.