Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life Update

I realized about a week or so ago that I haven't posted anything here in almost a month! Geez, I didn't realize it had been that long. Time has been flying by SO fast and we have so many things going on; this may take a couple posts to cover it all, we'll see.

Since the last post, pretty much all I have been doing is school work. I have so much homework, it's coming out my ears. I could do homework all day everyday, and still not be caught up. Such is the life though, and it really isn't as bad as it sounds. I love hygiene so much, I don't really mind doing my homework for it most of the time. My UA classes are pretty laid back, so I don't have much homework in them, which is good. Just so we're on the same page, I am taking 4 credits online through Rio Salado (Spanish 202), 9 credits at U of A (Psych of Death & Loss, Industrial & Organizational Psych, and Perceptual Learning), and then 15 credits for Hygiene. (Morphology, Histology/Embryology, Nutrition/Prevention, Radiology, and then Pre-Clinic.) Yes that is a total of 27 credits, and I have heard many times about how crazy I am for doing so. But it will all be worth it in December when I'm done at U of A and have a BA in Psychology with a minor in General Business.

Dan is in school full-time this semester as well at U of A. He is taking all Gen-Eds for right now so he can get them all out of the way and then finally focus on his Journalism classes in a couple semesters. He is taking an Economics class, an African-American Literature class, a spanish grammar class for his minor, as well as a "Money, Consumers and Family" class. He is very busy as he is also working full-time. It can be overwhelming at times, but he is doing very well with it and tries to think about other things to keep his mind off all of his stresses.

It gets a little stressful around our house sometimes. We are both tired a lot and therefore, get a little irritable sometimes, which is hard. But there are a lot of factors that play into that other than school that we are working on little by little.

Dan is just not happy at his job anymore. It has been that way for close to 3 months now. I'm talking like can't sleep because he dreads getting up to go to work every morning, etc. He feels a lot of pressure now that I'm not working anymore and it's only him who is bringing in the money. It's harder than I think we thought it was going to be for me to quit working. It is really hard because I know there is nothing I can do to help him other than just support him. But right now, with the way the economy is and with me not working, it would be very hard for him to change jobs. Finding another job is one thing, but then finding another one that pays him what he's making now or more, so we can continue to pay the bills is the difficult part. He's gotten to where he is now by working his way up the chain, and it isn't easy to just jump into somewhere where he is now. The other thing about where he is now is that they will not work with him going to school at all. They told him his schedule is 8-5 M-F, no questions asked. So because of that he's having to take half online courses and the other half at night, which is very hard for him to really focus on them that way.
We're working on it, and have thrown a bunch of ideas around. We thought about him getting 2 part time jobs instead of 1 full-time job. We thought maybe that way he'd be able to work in school a little easier and possibly even make more than he is now between the 2 jobs.
We also thought about the fact that maybe this just isn't the right time for him to be going to school. Maybe it would be best for him to just work full-time right now and not worry about anything else until I finish hygiene and then I'll take over and work full time. The only thing with that is by then he'll be 25 and have hardly any school done. I don't know how much motivation he's going to have the longer he puts it off...
Definitely one of the hard things in life is making these kinds of decisions and trying to figure out what is best for us and our family.

That brings me to the other thing that's been somewhat troubling me. I am aching to have a baby big time. It's gotten to be more than just a want; now it's to the point where by heart almost aches when I see almost all my friends from high school who are married getting pregnant and having babies. We have been married for almost a year and a half, and while I know I am still young (I'm not even 21 yet), I just can't help it. We are in no position right now though, which is the hard part. I have the most basic health insurance that covers next to nothing, only because I have to have it while I'm going to hygiene school. Not to mention all of the things I just talked about with school and Dan's job situation, etc. I really just wish I could fast forward 2 years when I'll be done with hygiene and I'll be able to support us and a baby on my own. Time is going by very quick, but with this it just seems like it could never be quick enough.

Ok wow, I just read through all of that and it sounds really depressing. I promise we're not just moping around all the time. I just needed to vent and get all that out. So thanks for reading it all and I'm going to finish this post and get on to another one with all of the positive HAPPY things that have been happening lately!

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