Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anyone due for a teeth cleaning?

So starting in the spring, I am responsible for bringing in my own patients to work on for my grade. It can get pretty stressful, especially since I'm in Tucson, and most of the people I know who could possibly help me...aren't. But, I am starting to make a list of people I might be able to call and use when the time comes if I need to. Obviously I'll be using my sweet husband first (hehe, he gets to be my guinea pig) and my parents will come down as well as my brothers most likely. But other than that, my lists are open.

I have 4 semesters that I'll need patients, so if one time of the year is better than another let me know. I'll have this coming spring, next summer, next fall, and spring of 2010. If anyone is interested in helping me out let me know and I'll get you some more information!

Some of the basic info.
Cost: $35

Time: 3 hrs./appointment
(only because we have to wait for check-offs periodically, don't worry your mouth won't be open for 3 hours)

Number of Appointments: At the most 2
(unless your teeth have some issues/haven't been cleaned in a while [2 years +])

Times Available:
Spring 2009
Tuesday nights (6-9:30 pm)
Wednesday afternoon (1-4:30 pm)
Thursday afternoon (1-4:30 pm)
Friday morning (8-11:30 am)

Thanks so much for all your help and support!


roadtrip said...

Although I loth the Dentist and haven't been for a long time...I am your friend and want to help you with school.

You can count me in sometime. No idea when but forsure before you graduate.

What are friends for?

PS- My Mom might be coming with me! Haha "So, I've been thinking..." LoL.

tiffandalex said...

hey jill! i'll help you out. i just got my teeth cleaned in september, so i'll be due again in the spring! i might be able to convince alex, too...his teeth need more help though. ;)