Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wedding Weekend #2

This past weekend, we were able to take part in a 2nd wedding. Aubrey Hanks married Nicholas Burke on Saturday, July 26th. I was one of the 2 bridesmaids along with Becky Hyde and her sister Shenan Hanks as the Maid of Honor.
Friday evening, we had the rehearsal at the Wright House. It was very beautiful and perfect for Aubrey and Nick. We ran through the processional 2 or 3 times and then talked a little about the music and we were done! We all headed over to the Landmark for dinner afterward. The dinner was probably the most interesting part of the whole event. But still fun and it was very nice to get to see everyone together by ourselves. We also got some nice time to visit with Shenan and her boyfriend Josh again over dinner.

Saturday morning, Danny got up and went golfing with all the men of the wedding party. It was very nice for them to invite him since he wasn't in the actual wedding. He had a lot of fun and got to know Nick a little bit better.
During all of this, we girls all went to a place at the Tempe Marketplace to get pedicures and our nails done. It was so much fun and SO nice. They did my pedicure and put a full set of nails on me at the same time. All 5 of us (Aubrey, Shenan, Aubrey's mom, grandma & I) were out of there in an hour and 15 minutes. It was pretty impressive.
The 3 of us girls went back to Aubrey's house, ate lunch and waited for the hair girls to show up. They got there about noon and started on my hair first. We all got our hair done and Shenan and I had our make-up done while we watched "The Prince and Me" together. It was a lot of fun to just be there with a bunch of close girlfriends before such a wonderful event. We all went over to the Wright House for pictures at 4:30. (Those prof. pictures will come when Aubrey gets home from the honeymoon and can email me some) People started showing up for the wedding, and we started walking down the aisle at 6:30. I was balling almost the whole time. Aubrey & Nick looked so happy, and I was so grateful to be able to share such a special event with the two of them and the few others who were there.
The reception started right after, and it was so much fun because it kind of turned into a mini band reunion. It was neat to see that even though we are all doing our own thing now and a bunch of us are married and living all over, that we all come back together again for things like one of our buddies weddings. It was kind of the same at Dan & my wedding, just not as big. It was so much fun! I am SO happy for Nick and Aubrey and hope they have nothing but happiness ahead!