Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Upcoming Vacation!

My husband's birthday is coming up on the 16th of August, which is 2 weeks from Saturday. He finally told me on Monday, where we're going on our trip for it! All this time he's been keeping it a surprise for me, even though it's for his birthday. haha
Friday, August 15th, we'll leave on a 6 am flight to Seattle, Washington. We'll spend the day in Seattle, see the temple, go to the Space Needle, etc. We'll stay the night in Seattle and leave early Saturday morning for Anchorage, Alaska! I am SO excited! I never thought I would ever go to Alaska! We're going to see the temple there too and maybe go to the zoo or something. We want to see all of the cool animals that we can't see here in the hot climate that live in Alaska. We'll then leave on a red eye flight around midnight Saturday night to come back home to Phoenix. We should be home around 7 am Sunday morning.
I am very excited, have I said that already? The best part of the whole thing is that all we have to pay for is the one night in the hotel and food/souveneirs. Dan's aunt Rita is coming with us and she's taking care of the flights since she works for Alaska Airlines and the rental car! We love traveling so much and this is a perfect opportunity for us to get out of town for a couple days, relax, celebrate his birthday, and see some neat places all before we start up school again. I'll definitely be posting lots of pictures when we get home!


Benson & Sarah Garner said...

Fun!! Benson and I went to Seattle and Alaska for our Honeymoon!! It was so much fun :)
We didn't go to Ancorage but if you need any ideas for fun things to do in Seattle let us know - we saw lots of cool stuff! Have fun :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing birthday present!!!
I hope you guys have a blast! Cute blog!

The Bunzells said...

I'm so jealous! hehe have a great time!

chlorinemonster said...

Hey. It's Heather! I'm at! But I'll add you to my favorite blogs so I can read up on how you guys are doing!

chlorinemonster said...

and yay for Seattle! I've never been to Alaska, so I'll have to look at all your pics!