Tuesday, July 22, 2008


When Dan and I got married, we counted up all the temples we'd seen together already (3), and then the 4 more we would see together on our honeymoon, and we decided to make it a goal to see all the U.S. Temples together sometime before we die. Obviously all the temples in the world would be cool, but we both know that'll will never happen. Plus there is a healthy chunk in the United States anyway.
It's been a fun project and goal to work on and achieve together. It's amazing how no matter where we are, in any part of the country, any state, any city, the spirit is always the same. The temples are always just a beautiful. I love going to see the special beauty in each one.
While they do all have the same spirit, they all have something unique about them, which is neat to see. Then to be able to look back at all the pictures and remember what was different about each one, or what was going on in our lives when we saw each one is fun too. I highly recommend it! Here are some pictures from the ones we've seen so far. Enjoy!

Our Mesa Temple

Snowflake, Arizona

Las Vegas, Nevada

San Diego, California

Newport Beach, California

Los Angeles, California

Redlands, California

St. George, Utah

Provo, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

Bountiful, Utah

Albuquerque, New Mexico

St. Louis, Missouri

Nauvoo, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

Jordan River, Utah

Logan, Utah

Ogden, Utah

Mt. Timpanogos, Utah

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