Thursday, January 14, 2010


For Christmas, my step mom got me this set of cleanser and moisturizer from Clinique.
I absolutely LOVE it! I have terrible eczema, so my skin is horribly sensitive to just about everything! Up til' now, I have only been able to use Aveeno hand lotion on my face because it's the only thing that doesn't burn and make my face feel/look like it's going to burst into flames.

But my skin is still always red, dry, flaky and blotchy. Until now. I asked for this set for Christmas because people were getting desperate for gift ideas for me. I had heard about it from a couple girls at school, and had done some reading about Clinique online that it was made for sensitive skin and is fragrance free, etc. I even read a few comments from people who had eczema who said that Clinique was great for them. So I decided...what the heck? If I don't like it and it doesn't work, then I won't feel bad that I spent $50 on it.

I completely love this cleansing regimen, and use it everyday now. Before this, I have tried to wash my face everyday, but wasn't too strict on it because my face never felt that much different afterward.

So, now I'm like totally addicted to Clinique products. I want to try everything now. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't wear much make up, and what I do wear is just on my eyes. The reasoning for that is because my skin is always so dry, no foundation or face make up ever looks good. It always looks flaky and gross. So, I just don't wear any because I've never been able to find a make up that works with my skin.

Well, after using this cleanser and moisturizer combo for a week or 2 now, my skin is much more soft and controlled, and much less dry. So i've been intrigued and wanting to try Clinique's pressed powder make up to help with the red and blotchy problem. It is their top selling make up and is very lightweight, natural looking and mineral enriched, which is a plus for my skin. (Another reason I haven't been too hyped about face make up is because I hate feeling like I'm wearing 10 lbs. of make up and like my skin can't breathe)

I have also been needing new mascara for a while now, and they are almost just as much at like Target, so I figured I'd try Clinique's too.

When we went to get Dan's textbooks in the UA bookstore on Monday, I remembered that there is a Clinique counter in there. I went to look, and the girl told me they were having a bonus that started on Wednesday, so if I could wait until then, it would be much more worth it.

So I did. We went back last night to get my make up, and a couple of fun reading books for Dan. I bought my pressed powder make up...
and got all this, plus a compact mirror and cosmetic bag FREE! (Notice the mascara, which I would have paid for otherwise)

The lipstick is a dark purple color, which I'll never wear, and the eyeshadow is a purple since that was all they had left, which I probably won't wear too often either, but it was good to try the stuff and I do want to go get a brown palette of eyeshadow now that I will wear regularly, and a light blush to go over my new make up! The mascara is awesome. The make up remover is also great and doesn't burn my eyes!

If anyone is unhappy with their skin care system or their make up, I highly recommend Clinique products! They are wonderful, and are actually good for your skin unlike most products out there. Coming from me, who never wears make up, and who has terrible know it must be true!

(I just re-read this entire post, and it really sounds like an advertisement for Clinique. But really, it's 100% true. This is a GREAT product line, and it works wonderfully! I'll have some before and after pictures to post shortly)


chlorinemonster said...

That was going to be my comment, too (that you sound like a Clinique person). I have that stuff. Glad you like it.

Camille said...

I've had bad skin my whole life and I know what a great feeling it is to finally find something that works for you. Enjoy your beautiful skin!

*Becky* said...

I used clinique a long time ago. I liked it. Glad you found something you like!