Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mock Board Disaster

Tonight was my night for Mock Boards.

10% of our semester grade depends on our performance on these mock boards. They also help to get us more familiar with the paperwork and procedures for the real board before we get there in May.

In theory it's a great idea.

The only problem is that we all get so stressed out over it that we get 5 cold sores all at once (one of my friends), and have anxiety attacks over it.

Tonight, my patient just flat out didn't show up...

No call...


I was stressing about him all weekend, because he came in and was screened by one of my friends at school, and was then told he would be a good patient for mock boards.

That night, for the screening, he showed up 20 minutes late for a 40 minute appointment.

Needless to say, I was freaking out.

We told him to be there at 5 even though he didn't need to be there until at least 5:30.

But, he decided to just not show up...period.

I called both his crazy wife who runs his life, and their house phone. Answering machines at both places...

I swear this semester is out to get me.

Now, I have to use one of the 3 clinics I have left to do my mock board again, on top of finishing 2 or 3 more patients, and now finding another mock board patient (after it took me 3 months to find this guy...)

All by November 30th, which is my last clinic for the semester.

May can't come soon enough!

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