Sunday, February 22, 2009

San Xavier Mission

Dan and I went on Saturday to see the Wheel of Fortune Wheel Mobile and see if we could try out for the show, and on our way home we stopped at the San Xavier Mission. Neither of us had ever been out there, we've driven past it, but we've never gone.

Dan is also trying out my camera now (because it's a little better than his) until we can save enough money to get him the good camera he wants.

So we stopped by to test out my camera on a great monument at sunset. Here are some of the results...

Isn't he a great photographer?


Nick and Aubrey said...

He's really good :)

Jamie said...

Good stuff. :)

You should have gotten some pictures of the inside!

Some of mine are here:

Dan & Jill Bienz said...

We wanted to, but they were having mass inside while we were there. We will eventually go back when it's done being restored and take more pics and some of the inside :)

Sessions Family said...

Very impressive and beautiful!