Saturday, February 21, 2009

Long Overdue Update

Sorry it's been a while since our last update...

Ok yeah, Christmas, that was a while ago...

We've been really busy since Christmas. We both started school again full time and we're both at school it seems like more than we're at home. I am now in my second semester of hygiene school and am seeing actual patients for teeth cleaning. Dan is going to school full time at the U of A for Journalism, and after the break has now officially decided he will finish his degree at ASU in a couple years.

We were dealing with the trouble of trying to register him for a full schedule while he works full time. It is a nightmare every time registration comes around. So we went in January to talk to an advisor at the Journalism school at ASU and find out what it would take for him to transfer as well as what classes he can be taking down here to stay full time and keep his scholarship that will transfer as classes he'll need for ASU. So we got it all figured out, and have his class schedule pretty well lined up from now until next May (2010) which is when he'll transfer to ASU. I graduate from hygiene school next May, and then during the summer we'll move back to the Phoenix area and then Dan can finish at ASU. Ultimately, ASU's journalism school is like 20 times better and more reputable than U of A's, so it will most likely help him out more in the long run if his degree is from ASU.

Like so many other people now a days, we were without work for about a month and a half right after Christmas. So it's been rough the last couple of months, but Dan just got his first paycheck at his new job last week, so now it's just about playing catch up on all our bills and everything and then we'll be back in the swing of things.

An update on our dog situation, we still have not found homes for our 2 chihuahuas. We hoped someone in Dan's family would be able to take them so we could make sure they were going to a good place, but either they can't take them or they don't want them. So, we will most likely be putting them up on Craigslist either this week or next week to hopefully find a good home for them where they'll be happier.

Even though we're low on money, (who isn't?) we're planning 2 trips this year. One will be coming up at the beginning of April. We'll be heading to Utah again for General Conference as well as Dan's mission reunion. Marie will be coming with us and experiencing Utah for the first time. It should be a lot of fun. We're hoping to meet up with a bunch of our friends that live in Utah that we don't see as often as we'd like.

Our 2nd trip will be in August for Dan's birthday. We're planning a trip to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia where Dan served his mission. He's looking forward to showing me around so much, and I'm excited to finally see all of the places I've heard so much about for the past 4 years. We'll also attend a Diamondbacks vs. Phillies game in Philly while we're there, which will be SO fun I'm sure.

Dan's brother Jared just reported to the MTC on February 11th, and we were able to attend his farewell as well as his setting apart which was a very neat experience for me as I'd never seen a missionary setting apart before. We're very proud of Jared and wish him the best of luck in Tampa, FL when he leaves the MTC next week.

More detailed posts coming about some of the various events I've mentioned here.

Stay Tuned...

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