Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yesterday I went to Michaels to look for just a few small things I needed for my scrapbooking. I was walking around browsing through the aisles when all of the sudden, I saw these die cut alphabet sets on clearance for $9.97.

Now, that normally wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that these sets are normally...$149.99!!

I thought that couldn't be right that they were that cheap, I thought maybe they left off a number or something, so I peeled back the clearance sticker to see the price behind it, and sure enough they had previously been marked down to $69.97.

I have been wanting a die cut machine for years, but had given up on ever getting one because it was all so expensive! But, the machine itself is between $50-$100 depending on what kind you get. The alphabet sets are the most expensive thing at $149.99 a piece! The alphabet was what I wanted the machine for the most, so I had just given up on ever getting one...until yesterday!

I couldn't believe how good of a deal I was getting! They had 6 sets there, and I got 3 of them. (Now I wish I would have gotten all 6) So I got those 3 alphabet sets, and a bunch of other small stuff that I actually went to the store to get, all for $53! The alphabet sets alone, full price would have been $450! Talk about sale of the season! I don't think I will ever find another sale that good on anything ever!

Last night, Dan and I went to 2 other Michaels to see if we could find any other sets and get them also. The other stores were completely sold out, but one of the stores did have some other cute dies & embossers that are originally $9.99 on clearance for...$.97! So I got the 4 that they had, a heart, a gift, a flower and a "Lets Party!" die.

This weekend, my friend Marie is coming down to stay with us and scrapbook with me. We're going to go Friday night and split the cost of the smallest $50 machine, since we only need that one for the small dies we have now.

Plus, with my purchase yesterday, I got a 40% off any one item coupon in my receipt; so we're going to use that with the machine and pay about $15 each for it!

I am very excited to start using my dies this weekend and add a whole new element to my scrapbooks. I was looking through them the other day and was noticing how plain they are compared to what you might see in the store or somewhere like that. I had just been thinking how much I wished I could afford to add some really cute new stuff to them...and now I can!

More to come after I use them and find out what they're all about...


Sessions Family said...

Hey MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! I'm sorry it's been awhile sense I've gotten back to you. Hailey just got out of the hospital on Wed. Anyways we have enjoyed the area, we haven't had any major problems besides repairs for the home. That just comes with being a home owner. If had to complain we do here quite a bit of ambulances go by, and its common for people to get pulled over and get tickets in front of our house. Every thing is still coming together house wise and we have a few things to repair and replace, but we are happy for the space. We just found out we are having another boy! Fun I know not only will Hailey be the middle child, but she have two brothers. As far as bracelets go it depends on what you want so call me any time and we could come up with something. :)

Camille said...

It's AWESOME when you find a good deal! I'll have to see your scrapbooks sometime. I'm one of those people who has boxes in the closet labeled "scrapbook" but has yet to start the huge project. Maybe yours would inspire me. :)

*Becky* said...

that is awesome!! Glad you found such a good deal! I don't scrapbook. I don't feel creative enough. hope you 2 are doing well.