Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Dan and I are about to pull our hair out with all the studying and cramming we have to do for our finals over the next couple of weeks.

Not only do we have a ton of school stuff to do, but the usual dishes, laundry, bill paying, etc. to worry about too.

I wish we weren't having all of these family struggles right now either. It makes it so much harder to focus on what we need to do when we're so worried about everyone else. We just love them so much and only want what's best for them, even if we have no control over the situation...

Only a couple more weeks and we'll finally get a break!

Oh, and our anniversary is coming up too! Very exciting. I can't wait to celebrate 2 years with my wonderful sweet husband!


The Bunzells said...

So I hear you were worried about being pregnant :) Whats the verdict? I assume you are not...but just in case...I wanna know! I hope the family situation straightens itself out. Thats tough.

Dan & Jill Bienz said...

haha no, I'm not. My body has just been being a little weird lately. No worries, no baby for us yet.

*Becky* said...

congrats with finishing up school for this semester!!! you guys are so great together and you are there to support one another. the Lord will bless you in all you do. Proverbs 3:5-6